#MeetTheTribe is an invitation to collaborate,

an initiative to co-create,

an intent to co-exist.

Come February 2018, we the People go meet the People, share dialogue, open a conversation, learn tricks, art, trade, mingle modern and traditional way of life, and extend our conscious Universe.

Join us in building a sustainable community, a Cultural & Spiritual Centre.

As we walk the earth, we meet People from all directions, carrying sounds from Italy, flavours from Brazil, inks from far-east. People are the embodiment of knowledge, the experience that they have lived in all these times.

Opening up like a book in 3 dimensions, #MeetTheTribe is awakening to this event, a hoedown, a gathering, to come forward with all our sciences, tools, experiments; come forward with all our literature, artworks and films.

Come forward to also receive. Receive the ways to work with nature, receive the music that resonates with the forest, receive the presence of exotic naturescapes.

Engineers, Architects, Machinists, Authors, Writers, Storytellers, Coders, Photographers, Filmmakers, when come together, consciously melting thoughts, sprouting ideas, bringing hands-on in creating a platform, a common ground, a zone zero.

A self sustainable micro village community, a home stay, amidst raw and tribal Chattisgarh, as a centre for Cultural & Spiritual Exchange, to host travellers, artists, writers, farmers, and ignite an ever evolving commune. In Exchange creating a pool of global knowledge for locals to indulge in.

An energy +ve eco -village, creating an ecosystem of life and movement around the nature. Considering practices of regenerative forest farming, permaculture and organic farming, to grow, cook and eat with fresh local produce.

Tapping into the solar, geothermal, water and wind energy to bring in a balance of all elements. A Humane settlement, of travellers, seeking knowledge, practicing sustainable living.

Collectively, this is an initiative without goals, rather bringing together a pitstop, a lay over, a home, a zone zero in this journey through time and space.

The practices evolving within the tribe becomes an experiment to be extended amongst the local tribes, with their active participation to make their lives more in sync with the modern beating hearts.

To start with an open canvas Structure, a 10m5V Dometry Bamboo Geodesic Dome frame as a Spiritual & Cultural Centre, the Tribe brings together local resources with modern techniques. Sharing knowledge we co-create this architectural symbol of commune.

Bamboo is a wonder grass, stronger than steel, naturally occurring, and abundant. All giving, and yet forgiving. All unique, same-same yet different.

Geodesic, like a football is one of the strongest structural designs, observed in sub atomic particles as well.

Bringing together several Straight Bamboo pieces, we build a sphere. A Bamboo Geodome, self sustainable, strong and modular. A technique to quickly assemble long span structures.

Building together this grid of triangular canvas, we paint each frame with a unique art, material, context, usability, presence, and coexistence. Each frame representing each participant, a medium to express themselves.

A series of grow beds, vertical planters, and a Bamboo groove right in the centre, to bring in the life force, occupying only a few spaces. spread over platforms, to sit and meditate upon.

The five sides of the dome, represent the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether, and all the elements occupy their space in creating a temple of nature.

The Community is the one we build. A sustainable Community is not only about the proactive practices, also about social bonding. Like each element of the dome, the community members share the load equally to balance it off on to Mother Earth. Together is the key.

The community lives, eats, works, dances, and rejoices together, and build this euphoria, together.

To #MeetTheTribe,

write an intent to mangopeopleonline@gmail.com,

and join the Tribe come 10 Feb, 2018.

For more information contact



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