#Dometry : Two 10m 4V Geodesic Domes Dormitory

मैंNGO : Swaraj University (http://www.swarajuniversity.org/)

Mission : Self Sustainability

Swaraj University was designed and birthed in 2010 as a two year learning programme for youth to initiate the process of being self designed learners and engage in developing the skills and practices they need to manifest their vision.

Swaraj means Self Rule. And Self Rule comes with responsibility of self sustainability.

And First rule of Sustainability is the Shelter, the home, Zone Zero.

Two 10m Dia Domes become the Dormitory for the Khojis of Swaraj University, where they learn and participate from the start to finish in the design and construction.

#Dometry : The Geometry of Dome

A geodesic Dome is one of the strongest and aerodynamic shapes with vernacular construction technique.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing strongest grass (stronger than steel in tensile strength). Using the natural properties of Bamboo, shape, strength and size, integrating geometry supported by pre fabricated metal joinery, this Lego Like technique, is one of the fastest and cheapest methods for long span sustainable structures.


- Introduction to Geodesic, Method & Technique.

- Construction of two, 10m dia. 4V geodesic Bamboo Domes

- Design interiors for the Dormitory.

Key Takeway

- Learn how to Work with Bamboo

- Learn how to Design a Geodesic

- Learn 'How to build your own Home' with a strong natural framework.

Imp Dates & Details

- 5th Dec : All participants are expected to reach Swaraj University, Udaipur by evening.

- 6th Dec : Workshops starts early, a brief introduction, Hands-on on DOME 1, complete DOME 1

- 7th Dec : Hands-on DOME 2, complete DOME 2.

- Stay & Food : Swaraj University works on community living and gift culture, and all resident enjoy community Kitchen vegetarian food, and share dormitories. All participants are welcome to enjoy the beautiful culture of Khojis. Participants are free to bring their tents and basic or special requirement food.

- Swaraj University, Tapovan Ashram, Nayakheda Gaon, 2.5 kms off Kundal chowk from Amargarh Resort, Udaipur - Ahmedabad highwayRajasthan, IndiaPhone: +918764279302


Suggested contribution for the workshop including food & stay is Rs1800/-

(no participant will be turned away for shortage of money)

To register & participate

Log on : www.mangopeople.org.in

Call : +91-9833455045

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