मैंNGO : Organic World Congress Mission : Organic farming #DuoDome : Two 10m 4V Geodesic Domes

To celebrate the movement of Organic farming, मैंNGO comes together with Organic World Congress 2017 to celebrate the Farmers.

Happening once every three years, this year Ifoam & OWC comes to India and we are here to join in the cause.

Task in hand was to build two 10 m dia. 4V geodesic Domes, as a workshop space for hosting lessons on how to make manure, Amrutmitti, cowling pots, Seed Preservation.

Duo-Dome : Two 10m dia, 4V geodesic Domes. - Hands on workshop : Learn how to work with Natural building material like Bamboo, and build geodesic domes. - 1 to 6 Nov : Material Prepration. Preparing Cured Bamboo Struts. Preparing Metal joinery. - 7-8 Nov : Installing #DuoDome - 9-11 Nov : Interact with farmers. -11 Nov : Resemble the Kit.

In creating a beautiful platform, for the humans who put food on our plates, the workshop saw an attendance of 10 people joining in at different stages of the work, A few Architectural & Media Students joined in material preparation, while a few just joined on the day of installation.

Geodesic Domes structures are football shaped, grid of triangles, a brain work of Buckminster Fuller. These long span structures can be a solution to sustainable architecture in farm spaces in creating low cost, durable, greenhouses, storage and farmhouse. At organic world congress, 2017, we discussed sustainable architecture in farm space, where we hosted Open Workshop for whosoever wishes to learn more about the Geodesic Dome frame, How to build them and its multiple uses.

Many Farmers took interest in the geometry, joinery, and calculations and looked optimistic about giving it a try to build, storage space, living space, as well as cow shelter.

Many a people looked at the Bamboo Geodesic Dome as their future sustainable hosing and shared ideas to decorate, cover, walls, and natural weather proofing.

Organic World Congress is a World institution and we at Mango People are glad to participate and represent ourselves. Learn more @ www.mangopeople.org.in +91-9833455045

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