#FreeSchool built for Tribal Children in Bihar

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First we thirst for rains, then we drown in floods. Such is the irony of several cities & villages all across the world, where millions of people are uprooted from their own homes.


School is the Home away from Home, & in village Narkatiya, tehsil Sonvarsha, district Sitamarhi, Bihar, where over 300 students study in a FREE English medium school run by professor Sandeep Desai (Shloka Missionaries), who faced challenging time in managing life and space during floods.

This is one of many Free Schools run by Prof. Sandeep Desai, and while an on-going requirements for school supplies, salaries, clothes and books for children along with mid-day meals; constructing permanent schools for these underprivileged students, this Man-on-Mission to give Free Education runs an on going Crowd Funding campaign.

#VidhyaDanamShreshthaDanam : Donating Education is biggest Donation of all.


While factory schooling program grow in both govt and private sector allowing education only to a limited class of people. With Limited resources and intentions, rural spaces, are neglected, where most the India lives.

Individual Educators such as Prof Sandeep Desai and many more speak out in public, reminding the true purpose of Humanity, passing Knowledge. Education.

To help solve the problem of rising cost of infrastructure, we are gathering a team of Civil & Mechanical Engineers, Architects, Art Directors, Teachers, Free Thinkers along with locals & enthusiastic Volunteers, who come together Hands-on, to build this Free School. A 10m dia. 4V Geodesic, Bamboo Dome, built with Natural, Locally available & Recycled material.

A Geodesic, like a Football, is a grid of triangles forming pentagons and hexagons, a Hemi-Spherical Dome. This complex vernacular geometry is a brainchild of Architect Buckminster Fuller and has been an icon for creative and free flowing knowledge. The #FreeDome will be a shelter, a classroom, a yoga and meditation center, an arts and dance floor, a greenhouse lab, and moreover a Home to 300 tribal kids in Narkatia Village, Bihar.

There are several ways to contribute as there are several paths to liberation.

Money - We are seeking ₹1,25,000 to cover Material, logistics & Labor cost (Already raise ₹62,102)

Volunteer - We are calling upon architects, engineers, artists, Educators to help build this #FreeSchool.

Kapala Sukant is a renowned Art Director and President of Art & Costumes Association, Bollywood Film Industry. & has pledged, Raw material for construction of the dome, which has been #recycled from film sets, along with 10 days of volunteering.

Devendra Karankal is a marine engineer & owner at Delta Marine & Offshore Services, who has pledged 10 days of volunteering.

Kunal Bhatia an engineer by Education, an actor & filmmaker by profession & a social entrepreneur, has pledged 10 days of volunteering.

Love - While some contribute in money, some in labor, we accept Love first of all. & We ask for your participation, to spread the love. Like/Comment/Share our story and join our #ReLovation

We ask you to come forward and join the community. Help us build this and several schools for a brighter future of these kids.

Remember children are our only future.


Join Us : 7 to 17 Oct, 2017 Village Narkatia District Sitamarhi State Bihar India

#VidhyaDanamShreshtaDanam #Contribute #CrowdFundEducation #Volunteer #BeMangoPeople Join us Hands-on in building the Free School and in return, learn the first skill towards Self-sustainability, Build your own Home.

https://www.mangopeople.org.in/join-us Learn More @ www.mangopeople.org.in www.fb.com/MangoPeopleNGO +91-9833455045, +91-7045526636

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