#FreeDome @ BUILDATHON 2016

#Buildathon , a unique academic and cultural event, organised by Vadodara Design Academy, an architecture college with an edge, to put the students in the front line, with bricks and mortar, bamboo and steel in their hands, pushing the limits to create, to build, to see it to life, what they could imagined.

A college building a college, this inter college event hosting 300 builders, created a campus of their dreams, with their own hands. First visualising as a scaled model and then as real life size structure, they deserve to call Home.

This breed of worked on, hands-on training is setting standards for what could be a revolution, an army of builders giving the world a hope for a euphoric lifestyle.

Bamboo Geodesic Domes, Adobe bricks structures, wattle & daub, Cardboard Origami, portable designs, the kids are trained well and hard in vernacular and eco friendly construction. and to put it to a noble use, the student run NGO called CHATT, helps promote the science of eco construction, as well as help build schools, libraries, and community spaces.

To this what do you say, just say what they do. #Buildathon.

Mango People got a chance to participate and showcase our version of the bamboo geodesic dome, #FreeDome with a nylon fabric tent cover, a portable dome-home.

#Bamboo #geodesic #buckminsterfuller #dome #sustainable

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