#BambooGeoDesicDome Installation at Prakriti School, Noida.

Buckminster Fuller, a renowned scientist, architect and an inventor, discovered and popularised this unique web of triangles, combining to form a sphere, called a geodesic dome. The triangles forming pentagons and hexagons help build this strong geometry, capable of self sustaining its own weight and create a homogenous spherical space.

Bamboo is a wonder grass, stronger than steel and a design ready to build. Bamboo has been a common and cheapest building material for centuries. With effective cure and treatment, Bamboo can last for a century. With thick walls and hollow interior, bamboo has flexibility as well as strength to build a sustainable structure.

Bamboo, a traditionally used strong natural material, & Geodesic a modern observation for a strong geometry, come together to build a self-sustainable, low cost, natural structure.

Using welded metal rods, we created a angular joinery to build this Lego-Kit to build a space frame

of structure that even kids can build for themselves. And so we decided to put it to test.

Prakriti School in Noida, UP, India, is where we installed our first Bamboo Geodesic Dome, as a rooftop garden. A 5m, 2V Geodesic dome.

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