DOMETRY Schedule 2
Apr 06, 2018, 7:00 AM – Apr 12, 2018, 6:00 PM
Rajasthan, India

January 6, 2018

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Gul Bhatia was a marketing professional working in Corporate and Media Houses, to whom the pull towards Sustainability came when she started getting sick from various Autoimmune Lifestyle Diseases.

They decided to give it a shift in their mindset of living life from an ignorant consumer, to the Reality of being a responsible Human Being. There is a need for Conscious Living to try to listen to the callings of the Nature, be it from your own body or the environment we live in.

Kunal & Gul, a married couple representing Mango People are traveling since December 2016 in their Car with a Portable Bamboo Geodesic Dome Tent, to find, learn and share more and more Solutions on Self Sustainable Living. 

Kunal Bhatia, an established TV actor and a Film Maker is also a Civil Engineer from IIT-Delhi, and his quest of creating structures that can sustain life in an eco-friendly way has got him take a U-turn from his career and move out to building structures using the very natural, wonder grass- Bamboo.

So they decided to take the leap of faith and move on to a Learning & Sharing Journey, visiting right places and people, with the Mission- Sustainable Living. During their journey, they have designed a fantastic Portable Dome Structure made up of Bamboo, using the GeoDesic Geometry, which can be assembled in 25 minutes and used as a tent for their travel. They are currently taking Workshops on 'How to Build your own Bamboo GeoDesic Dome wherever they are traveling. 


Building Geo-Dome Dormitory for Students

Swaraj University was designed and birthed in 2010 as a two year learning programme for youth to initiate the process of being self designed learners and engage in developing the skills and practices they need to manifest their vision.


Swaraj means Self Rule. And Self Rule comes with responsibility of self sustainability. 

And First rule of Sustainability is the Shelter, the home, Zone Zero.


Two 10m Dia Domes become the Dormitory for the Khojis of Swaraj University, where they learn and participate from the start to finish in the design and construction.

Address: Swaraj University, Tapovan Ashram, Nayakheda Gaon, 2.5 kms off Kundal chowk from Amargarh Resort, Udaipur - Ahmedabad highway Rajasthan, India



We practice sustainable, ecofriendly architecture, and help put up workshops for architectural & Engineering colleges, as well as sustainability enthusiasts.


As part of our NGO collaboration we are teaming up with Schools, Farms, NGOs to create low cost Hi-design sustainable structures. Thus we expertise in creating Bamboo GeoDesic Domes which is perfect in all aspects of Design, Sustainability and Low Cost structures


A Geodesic Dome, a sphere made by combing triangles is an invention, an observation by renowned architect BuckminsterFuller. And his views of euphoric societies inspire us to create such societies. 

Whatever Human needs, the nature provides. and yet man can just not comprehend, and nature packs in such engineering. Solid, tough, strong and flexible external cover & packets of vacuum, stored inside, preserving sound and space, Bamboo is industrial grade naturally growing, abundant, construction material. And if that was not all, Bamboo comes in varied kind of thickness and length, colour and strength, from over 1000 species, adaptably growing in any environment.


No wonder it is called WONDER GRASS. 



It is “the practice of individuals going on a working holiday, volunteering their labour for worthy causes” such as “aiding or alleviating the material poverty of some groups in society; the restoration of certain specific environments or research into aspects of society or environment”, “for various reasons”, “in an organised way”, “alongside touristic activities”.   

Be a member of Mango People community and get connected to various opportunities to travel for a cause, across India and other parts of the World. Learn different skills, work hands-on while experiencing grass-root cultures and lifestyles of every location.
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Mango People has helped raise funds for many causes through Community Network and Online Platforms.

The two most successful ones were:

-  Raised 55000 INR for People for Animals on Wheels, to buy a fully equipped Mobile Clinic Ambulance for injured/diseased Animals in Faridabad.

-  Raised 142000 INR for Shlok Missionaries to Build Free School using Bamboo GeoDesic Dome Structure in Bihar.

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Our Each Will to Contribute Is important in Bringing a Better Future

You are most Welcome to Contribute to Mango People in every way you Wish.

While some of the aspects in which we are specifically looking for help are:

- Volunteers for Hands-on GeoDesic Dome building Projects.

- Marketing Experts for Promoting various Projects. 

- Accounting/CA experts for legal works.

- Website/Application Developers.

(Note: For Donations,   our Funds recieving handle is going to be active soon.)

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