MANGO PEOPLE, मैंNGO a HINGLISH word, combining Hindi and English alphabets, where 'मैं'(Main) means 'ME' and 'NGO' stands for a 'Non-Government' Organisation. 

In Non-Govern-ment, the word ‘MENT’ is derived from the Greek language which means ‘MIND’. Therefore, it is referred to be an organization that is not governed by mere Mind but also heart and soul. It is a Holistic Free Organisation with Unlimited Scope.

MANGO PEOPLE are soul-driven free thinkers, not governed by the mind of others, breaking the patterns, breaking the illusion, believe that life is way beyond, just trying to buy more comforts and luxury. The true riches to the mankind are the Natural Resources given to us by the Mother Earth.

Mango People is an NGO working towards the cause of sustainable living since 2011, by educating individuals to build their own eco-friendly & sustainable structures, using natural materials like Bamboo, Mud & other local recyclable material, available.

Hands-on workshop modules bring about an experience to get into integrities of basic design and layouts, model making, structural geometries for space frames, material handling and construction. 


Kunal Bhatia, an established TV actor and a Film Maker is also a Civil Engineer from IIT-Delhi, and his quest of creating structures that can sustain life in an eco-friendly way has got him take an exciting turn from his career and move out to building structures using the very natural, wonder grass- Bamboo.

Gul Bhatia, a marketing professional was working in Corporate and Media Houses, to whom the pull towards Sustainability came when she started getting sick from various Autoimmune Lifestyle Diseases.

Taking a leap of faith and moving on to a Learning & Sharing Journey, visiting the right places and meeting amazing people, with the Mission- Sustainable Living,  with a fantastic Portable Dome Structure, made up of Bamboo, using the GeoDesic Geometry, which can be assembled in 25 minutes and used as a tent for their travel. They are currently taking Workshops on 'How to Build your own Bamboo GeoDesic Dome wherever they are traveling. 


Mango People Community is a collective of committed individuals, Builders, Architects, and Engineers, working to help the world build sustainable. Living sustainably is an act to get back towards a natural way of living.


And we humans have been drifting away from the very practice that keeps us connected to nature, Building our own home, Growing our own food, Harnessing our own energy. The modern ways of life, only keeps us outsourcing the very process, someone else builds our home, someone else grows our food, someone else harness our energy. 

To feel the connect & spread awareness, the community comes together time and again in the form of a Tribe event called #MeetTheTribe. 

Mango People has helped raise funds for many causes through Community Network and Online Platforms.

The two most successful ones were:

-  Raised 55000 INR for People for Animals on Wheels, to buy a fully equipped Mobile Clinic Ambulance for injured/diseased Animals in Faridabad.

-  Raised 142000 INR for Shlok Missionaries to Build Free School using Bamboo GeoDesic Dome Structure in Bihar.

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Our Each Will to Contribute Is important in Bringing a Better Future

You are most Welcome to Contribute to Mango People in every way you Wish.

While some of the aspects in which we are specifically looking for help are:

- Volunteers for Hands-on GeoDesic Dome building Projects.

- Marketing Experts for Promoting various Projects. 

- Accounting/CA experts for legal works.

- Website/Application Developers.