#Covid19 #Lockdown 

Dear Patron,


We Speak on behalf of 3000+ families who are locked down due to the Covid19 outbreak with limited to no resources even for the basic essentials, like food, sanitation, and other homely utilities, in the District of Faridabad, Haryana.

We have collected the ration request of these families, using Google Forms noting Adhaar Card, active mobile numbers and addresses, and distributed only to pre-registered people following proper physical distancing.

Months deep into this Pandemic and Lockdown crisis, We at Mango People, have registered more than 2200 Families covering more than 10000 people have raised more than ₹200000 as funds to buy Ration and collaborated with NGOs like Feeding India & Bannuwal Welfare Association.

We are continually raising concerns with local government officials for ration support and the best solution in the context of the aforementioned people. This grave Health Emergency is pushing the society into another pandemic, Hunger. 

Amidst the Pandemic crisis, while everybody is facing existential crisis fearing contagion, Social Distancing, isolation, quarantine, are the only cure as a tool available to break the cycle of this contagion. We as a human specie are already toppled on the face by another global Pandemic, it's not a biological virus, but a social behavior, #SocialDivide

The Real Pandemic Danger Is Social Collapse. As the Global Economy Comes Apart, Societies have, too.

Daily wagers surviving on bare minimum are the worst hit. And with the unavailability of jobs, even the second strata people on the socio-economic chart, people with limited savings, are now looking for sources of support in kind for bare necessities like food and medicine. With a probable extension of Lockdown in several parts of the country, the scarcity of basic resources will be a bigger challenge to cope with, Social Divide.